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31 décembre 2019

[English Review] Breath of Christmas

Technical sheet

Breath of Christmas

Author : Linda Mooney

Number of pages : 55

Publication date : décembre 2017

Collection : /

Price : 6,99$ - E-book : 1,11$

Publisher : Music And Press

After being gone for months, there's nothing like being home for Christmas.
Although Brindle has no family there to welcome her back, and the little town has grown since she left, it's still home to her and exactly where she wants to be in these final days.

With a little help from a generous stranger full of the Christmas spirit, the holiday is sure to be perfect for Brindle. Full of love and memories, both old and new.

She just prays she's able to enjoy it before she runs out of time and breath.

My review
It's on NetGalley that I found this title which goes well with the period of the year where we are.

If at the beginning I thought that this book was a bit like "The Fault in Our Stars" by John Green, the end takes us away from it and we are more in fantasy.

I was persuaded to shed liters of tears but it's with a smile that I close this story.

The characters are nice. Brindle lugs around his oxygen tank but we don't pay attention. Hamon perfectly embodies the spirit of Christmas. Something we find less and less these days. I like his first name.

The pages scroll more or less quickly. I remind you that English is not my mother tongue. It's a short format so we don't have time to go into everything that could be.

Those who appreciate beautiful Christmas stories should be delighted.

Another author whom I didn't know but who has several titles to her credit. I'll take a closer look.
Rating : 8,2/10


I would like to thanks Linda Mooney, Music and Press and Netgalley for the ARC.

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